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Todd Milne - Dervish


by Todd Milne

Released 2000
Perimeter Sound Arts
Released 2000
Perimeter Sound Arts
Passionate Contemporary World Fusion. Flutes, guitars, violins and other world instruments and percussion over electronic beats, textures and atmospheres.
Merge Dualities: natural, textural nuance with the tight precision of technology; programmed trance loops against never-play-the-same-thing-once improvisation; experimental creation within the lineage of musics of the worlds people... "When I see a piece developing in a certain direction, I throw in the monkey-wrench". UNIVERSE FUSION. My intention in creating music is to stimulate spiritual thought, feeling & action through sound. A sort of sonic parable: love, struggle, awe of the universe, the wonder of nature, represented with fantastic aural imagery to engage the listener within a transcendent experience. Vast, diverse and often hard to catagorize, the music combines a soulful emotional presence with often strangly unfamiliar stylings that gives you the impression of listening from another planet.

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