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Spokane Taiko

Spokane Taiko
Living Traditional Music from Japan

Aaron Mark - Director
Finn Pond - Jean Pond - Johanna Fugitt - Jun Yugawa
Mari Haworth - Michelle Kaye - Kelly Strine - Jenny Allen
Todd Milne - Shakuhachi

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Spokane Taiko is a non-profit organization that seeks to build community and create awareness through the traditional music, and especially rhythms, of Japan. We are a performing group that brings the flavor of Japan to any festival or corporate gathering. Audiences will be soothed at times, and electrified at others by the primal beat and pulse of the instruments. Members of Spokane Taiko experience a journey in building relationships, physical stamina, focus, and cooperation (just to name a few). These skills not only contribute to a fine-tuned kumi-daiko ensemble, but to a harmonious lifestyle even outside the group. The culture that surrounds the art of taiko is one that involves patience and discipline in every aspect of life.

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